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Dear Star Trek Friendshipfest Writer...

July 14th, 2014 (12:42 pm)

Hello fabulous writer person! Thank you in advance for writing for me! :)

I'd be thrilled to receive anything for any of the friendships I've chosen, so do what works for you, but here are some ideas to get you going if you want them! :)

General Stuff I Like:

* Character studies, quiet moments, back story (especially if it's not well fleshed out in canon), characters making unexpected connections, scenes from everyday life
* Adventurey shenanigans, costumes and disguises, silliness
* Cute stories, happy stories, sad stories, everything in between
* Friendships based on respect for each other's skills, slow-building deep friendships

Deanna Troi and Tasha Yar:

I'd love to see a story that explores exactly how and why their friendship works - either from a serious or more light-hearted perspective. My favourite, favourite moment with them is their mutual gigglefit over Riker in Angel One, and I'd love to see them having fun together, but a more serious look at their relationship would be awesome too. Basically it delights me that they're so different on the surface and yet they bond and become close quite quickly, and I'd love to see that explored more in any way that works for you!

Jadzia Dax and Keiko O'Brien:

It frustrates me no end that this friendship is hinted at in canon but never really shown. Keiko and Jadzia are both scientists, both parents (Keiko in the present and Jadzia in her past incarnations), both strong-willed and adventurous - I feel like they would have so much to talk about and bond over. I'd love to see what it looks like when they hang out, help each other with problems, or have an adventure.

Katherine Pulaski and Deanna Troi:

In canon they work together, help each other, sometimes disagree, tease each other, respect each other's abilities and take care of each other. Really I just want more of that! What do they do when they hang out off duty? What are their private jokes, what do they gossip about? How does one of them help when the other has a bad day? How do they keep in touch after Kate leaves the Enterprise? 

Kathryn Janeway and Kes:

There's so much I enjoy about their friendship as shown on screen - Janeway's mentoring of Kes, their closeness, their multiple excellent hugs... I'd love anything that expands on that side of their friendship but I'd also love to see them bond over their shared intellectual curiosity, or see Kes give the captain advice for a change. Or, given that Kes isn't a member of Starfleet and isn't bound by the Prime Directive, I'd be interested to see them disagree on how to approach a problem.

Kathryn Janeway and Seven of Nine:

What I love about these two is how close they are in spite of how different their worldviews are and how often they disagree. I'd like to see them find an activity that they can both enjoy without conflict or come to a new appreciation of each other's points of view. Given how much power Janeway has over Seven in canon, I'd love to see a story where Seven's talents or skills put her in control, or a story set post-canon where Seven's new-found independence changes the nature of their friendship.

Kathryn Janeway and Tuvok:

I adore these two together! I love Tuvok's endless patience with his often-illogical captain and his unwavering support for her. I feel like canon shows us a lot of reasons why she loves and needs him, but - although it's clear that he feels very close to her too - I'd love to know more about why their relationship is important to him. Either that or just cute hanging out and shenanigans and eyerolling!

Keiko O'Brien and Kira Nerys:

I love that these two start out mistrusting each other (on the school issue in S1) and end up as family. I'd love to know more about them figuring out how to live together while Kira is expecting Yoshi, and how they maintain their friendship after Kira moves back to her own quarters. I'd be interested to see what surprising things they have in common, and what they do for fun while they're living together.

Kira Nerys and Benjamin Sisko:

I love everything about their canon relationship! Anything about them would be terrific, but a few things I'd be interested to see include: the two of them visiting Bajor together or exploring an aspect of Bajoran culture, off -duty hanging out of any sort, some sort of baseball/springball cultural exchange, getting into any sort of wacky situation together, anything happy and fun and sweet!
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